largegamingbooksWhether you're new to roleplay gaming or from a family of gamers you might not be aware of the educational and socio emotional benefits of roleplay gaming and larping. The gaming community is HUGE! Becoming a role play gamer gives kids access to a whole world of opportunities. There are game conventions where families play various games all weekend long. There are big and independent game companies all inspired to create immersive game experiences in settings as diverse as space to Mesopotamia! The gaming community is a welcoming and inclusive place where folks of all stripes find creativity and acceptance. Learn how the imaginative play in larping and roleplay gaming helps your child retain educational lessons and expand their socio emotional skills with these awesome resources:

Role Playing Games in Education:

Game Based Teaching Tools

Indie Game Designers

Thorny Games (creators of Dialect, a language based game)

Game Conferences

Serious Games Conference

Game Based Learning Forums


Caine's Arcade 

Game Based Non Profit Organizations

Game Based Schools

Edu Larp Schools in Denmark

Game Based Camps

More Educational Resources


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