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The Game Academy is a non-profit 501c3 that uses table top role playing games and larps to teach academic lessons and life skills to tweens and teens in San Rafael, California. We are a group of educators, game masters, and parents who build roleplay experiences that teach kids about history, math, and science. We come to this blog with different perspectives to reach out to gamers and their families with informative and fun articles to support a broader goal of putting more game based education in the hands of teachers and students all over the world. 

Some of the topics you'll see on The Game Academy Blog:

  • Academic articles about the role of game play in learning.
  • Tabletop role play gaming for kids and families
  • Real life examples of various game platforms being used in educational settings.
  • Game Academy student projects.
  • Game Academy news about upcoming events, camps and classes.
  • Role play game information for newbies and their families.
  • Game conventions.
  • Gaming as a socio-emotional teaching tool.
  • The parenting lives of gamers.

To learn more about some of The Game Academy's Bloggers, read our bios here

Our first post is coming out next week!