Donation Campaigns

gameacademydonate1One of our most popular initiatives is a week-long summer day camp which blends the experience of tabletop role-playing games, physical athletic activity, and hands-on, skills-based learning projects in an interconnected, immersive week of play and learning.

Your donations provide scholarships to children that may not be able to afford our full tuition for camp, and allows us to reduce the overall tuiton for all of our participants. With your generous help, we are able to provide better, higher-quality and more elaborate projects, as well as allowing us to invite to our camp a host of special guest educators and professionals from many different fields for the enrichment of the camp experience. Any funds donated to our summer camp project will be used exclusively for our summer camp, and any amounts not used will be carried over to next year's fund.

gameacademydonate3The purpose of this donation campaign is to fund the development of curricular units to meet the needs of teachers in public, private and home-school settings, and to fund the delivery of our curricular units to students in the classroom and our facility. Our curricular units not only to teach specific subject matter of interest to students, but they also provide the benefits of social-emotional learning and collaboration that some children may be missing in their particular contexts.

Any funds donated to our Classroom Collaboration with Schools fun will be used exclusively for our educational work with students and educators, and any amounts not used will be carried over to next year's fund.

gameacademydonate2Our core initiative is our after-school enrichment programming that we have been providing to the community for the last four years. Participant students join us once a week after-school at our educational center (or we may come to a hosting location) for a 2-hour game session. During this session, we engage in collaborative storytelling with the students. The optimal number of participatons for any given session is a maximum of six participants and one or two educators who serve as the narrator and game master. Participants learn how to run their own games over time.

Your donations allow us to provide our services to a broader audience, enabling us to work with disadvantaged youth in a variety of communities at reduced or no cost.

We are constantly trying to create new projects and innovate for the purpose of educating youth, but we also have the ordinary costs of doing business and keeping our doors open that do not easily fall into any specific category. Your donations to our general operations fund help us to keep the building open, afford operational materials, and employ the base staff to execute on our mission every year. 

We thank you for your generosity and interest in our organization.