Community Educational Center

One of our primary concerns will be locating and establishing a community educational center which will serve as our central office, but will be furnished with a number of ‘classrooms’ in which we can run our class day and after-school programming throughout the school year. While we are capable of bringing our initiatives to external sites as needed by our client organizations, there is a clear advantage to having our own classrooms which have been designed and furnished specifically for our particular educational needs. Our mission calls for the integration of various educational technologies, as well as having access to our collection of teaching aids and artifacts that are difficult to pack up and bring with us to external sites.

In establishing an educational center, we can provide our program with exactly the resources it needs to flourish. We can also share our space with other educational organizations, or with student groups that may have needs for educational activities in alignment with our purpose and mission.

The size and scope of our development will be determined by our funding opportunities, but briefly, we hope to find or create a space that allows for a small number of ‘gaming’ classrooms (3-6) that approximate the size of a small meeting room, seating six learners and an educator around a table. Ideally, the rooms would have various multimedia capabilities (LCD Screens and/or projectors, audio, etc.) and would be enclosed to dampen the sound of the classroom activities from others and vice versa.

Aside from classrooms, we will have a small number of offices for our staff to develop and manifest our multiple initiatives, as well as a central, large classroom-meeting room/lounge to be used for staff meetings and to fulfill the needs of our initiatives for a larger-group setting. We will also desire a kitchen, a storage room, and access to restrooms.