Adventure Gaming Summer Day Camp 2017

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This year marks The Game Academy's fourth summer camp offering, and we are excited by all the new things we have planned for our campers in 2017. As last year, we will be creating collaborative worlds of imagination that the campers will inhabit through tabletop role-playing games, with themes of fantasy, science-fiction, comic-book heroes, and strange mystery.



This year we expanding our camp to four sessions, with a total camper capacity of 36 campers per session. The Marin School has graciously agreed to host our camp this year, with access to their classrooms, performing arts center, and the "Fab Lab", a student-oriented maker space.

simon the knight 01 1024Our days will be filled with creativity and learning; we will spend part of our day in collaborative storytelling, part of our day involved in hands-on project-based activities, and part of our day engaged in outdoor physical activities. Each activity will be connected with the week's theme, and is designed to foster physical coordination, skills building, mental agility, and teamwork through cooperative play.


Examples of camper activities:

  • Crafting safe, foam-covered "boffer" weapons and teaching appropriate sword play.

  • Fantasy and science-fiction inspired field games.

  • Outdoor skills, such as trail hiking, herbal lore, and tracking.

  • Hand-crafting activities, such as: woodworking, leather working, costuming.

  • Science-related labs: chemistry, physics, biology.

  • Theater arts and improvisation activities.

  • 21st-century maker lab: Papercraft, 3-D printing, Laser etching, electronics.

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Tabletop Adventure Gaming

Hands-on Skill Craft

Exercise and Agility Training

A large portion of our day is spent in collaborative storytelling, creating and sharing worlds of fantasy 
and fiction.

Part of our day is spent working on skills-based projects related to the camp theme.

Part of our day is spent outdoors, learning to use our bodies and our minds in coordinated and collaborative activities.

Program Details

Ages for Participants:

Adventure Gaming Camp is intended for kids and teens between the ages of 8 and 16 years old.

  • Apprentices are campers at least 8 years of age, but no older than 10 years old by the start of the camp session.
  • Crafters are campers at least 11 years of age, but no older than 13 years old by the start of the camp session.
  • Journeyers are campers at least 14 years of age, but no older than 18 years old by the start of the camp session.

For interested youth, we also have spots as Masters-in-Traininga camp aid and counselor training program for ages 17 and up.  


2017 Themes:

7/10-7/14 - Weird Science and Mystery

 Come explore a world of weird science and mystery, where campers will play secret agents tasked with keeping Earth safe from dangerous breaches between our world and other dimensions. Campers will learn skills related to the camp theme, and through a week-long project they will create fantastic 'cyphers' and artifacts of power and mystery. Agents will physically 'train' for adventure on the field, and search the grounds for clues to help them solve the week's mystery.

7/17 - 7/21 - Fantasy Adventure

Come explore a world of magic and daring adventure, where campers will play fantasy heroes fighting evil creatures and discovering lost treasures to help defend their lands from invading darkness. Campers will learn skills related to the camp theme, and through a week-long project they will create practice foam boffer weapons and items of magical wonder. Adventurers will learn knightly skills of the sword, and will search the grounds for hidden treasures to aid in the defense of the lands.

7/24 - 7/28 - Superheroes and Villains

Come explore a world of super-powers and dastardly villains, where campers will play heroes defending their city against the plots of powerful villains and their henchmen. Campers will learn skills related to the camp theme, and through a week-long project they will create their own personal superhero costumes and gadgets to help them protect the innocent and defeat the powers of evil. Heroes will practice fighting crime in the 'danger field', and will use detective tools and methods to discover items of power to help in their fight to save their city.

7/31-8/4 - Space Opera/Star Wars

Come travel to a galaxy far far away, and explore the world of Star Wars, where campers will play rebel heroes and will travel to planets of alien wonder and work together to defeat the evil Empire. Campers will learn skills related to the camp theme, and through a week-long project they will create light sabers and blasters with which they will defend the galaxy in the name of the Light Side of The Force. Heroes will learn the way of the force, and will train in lightsaber combat in order to protect the innocent. Teams will search ruins and far-away places for 'holocrons' of ancient wisdom to help defeat the agents of the Dark Side.


The fee for camp this year is $450 per session week for new Campers, $400 for returning campers and if you register by March 20th, you will qualify for our early-bird discount of an additional $50 per session week. 

We are committed to offering a limited number of partial scholarships available, depending on need and level of donations. Our desire is to refuse no camper due to inability to pay, and we will do whatever we can to help. If you are interested in applying for a scholarship, please indicate this on your registration.

We will be providing 2 healthy organic snacks a day.

Space is limited so please REGISTER TODAY! 



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